Having excellent products

to choose from is only one part of the equation, the other is having the services and expertise you need.

At Eagle Paint and Wallpaper, we offer

The hallmark of a small, family owned business, is passionate service. Good products are part of the equation, but perhaps more importantly, good service is the most memorable part of the experience. Our goal every day, is to strive to provide the best service possible.

At Eagle Paint and Wallpaper, we offer:

Color Matching

We offer color matching services for your existing paint and stain colors. One of the benefits to carrying so many paint and stain lines, is that of a wide open toolbox to match colors from.

Custom Colors

Don’t see a color you like? A full on custom color may be exactly what you’re looking for. Call email or visit to ask us about custom color options and get a paint or stain made to match your exact needs.

Custom Metallic

Yes, you can match a metallic! If you have a metallic finish and you’d like it matched, we can match it!

Custom Stains

Whether you need to match a 100 year old chestnut wardrobe or trim that your new puppy used as a chew toy, we can be of service. We can also update old furniture, trim, floors, and cabinetry.

Our experienced employees can modernize their current look, or restore the old classic luster it once had.

Custom Lacquers

Lacquers can be made into your desired colors, from any palate. Great on cabinets, built-ins, and entertainment units.

Color Consultation

Colors can be matched from an existing companies fan decks, or are specially designed to custom fit the homeowners needs and palate. We employ expert advisers who consider practical factors such as project, product, color, and budget. Consultations can be scheduled for both in store or on site, however, on site is always preferred!

Custom Venetian Plasters

Used to match existing material or create a unique finish for faux artists

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Feel free to stop by, or give us a call, or send us an email for more information about our services!

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