Ram Board

For those who haven’t heard of or used Ram Board yet, you may be curious: What is Ram Board, and what does it do?

A smaller version of the Ram Board image from our online store

Ram Board is a premium floor covering, and in my opinion, an “All of the above” solution. Ram Board’s durability is absolutely excellent, it’s 46mil thick, and does a truly remarkable job of protecting floors. A 100 foot roll weighs about 48lbs- it’s proof you can feel to believe. It’s actually strong enough to be reused in a pinch. Ram Board is best held together with a tape that’s just as strong: Ram Tape, which is designed specifically for this purpose.
Despite this durability, it still has enough porosity to allow a curing floor to “breathe” during the process; it was purposely designed to allow this. If vapor permeability is a quality necessary to complete your job, Ram Board is your covering.
Some have asked, “If it’s so tough, what do I need to cut it- a lightsaber?”
The answer is: “Fortunately no, you can cut it with a utility knife.”
Another question that comes up is: “If it can do all this, what is it made out of?
The answer may shock you: It is 100% recycled fibers. That’s right, Ram Board’s excellent features come in an environmentally conscious package.

Retailers who stock a diverse product range for all purposes and budgets get to see a very good sample of what’s available. Some products are excellent enough to be routinely chosen by retailers for their own personal use; and Ram Board is one of these.


Here are photos of Ram Board in action!

Ram Board's strength on display

Picture proof of Ram Board's durability

Ram Board is available for purchase on our online site, and more information about Ram Board can be found at their own website at: