Festool Files 1: Why we love these products

For those who would like the sparknotes: In our opinion, Festool is the “Rolls Royce” of power tools.

Festool makes power tools like drills, saws, sanders, and work tables. We took in the brand after getting to use the tools ourselves – we were so impressed with the good performance, well thought out features, and high quality components, that we immediately knew that we wanted to share the feeling with our customers.

Why we love Festool‘s quality and performance
Every Festool product we’ve used and held has been a winner; they’re excellent machines with top notch motors and attachments that aren’t afterthoughts.
They work well, and they continue working well (with proper and appropriate maintenance of course).

Festool’s high quality is, in the opinion of some, better appreciated after exposure to other tools.
Many tools today are solely built around a pricepoint, and big sacrifices are made to reach it. At times, we are  painfully made aware of this after buying them. Imagine if those products had brutally honest verbiage on the front of their packaging, you might see slogans like these:

“Save your receipt, many of these are returned within 2 weeks!”
“Warranty void if user maintains eye contact with the tool”
“Rubberized grip for hurling it off the jobsite in frustration”
“Motor is for display purposes only”
“Drill bits may contain paper mache.”

Choosing quality can be the difference between having a working tool the day you need it, or spending that time watching Youtube videos on how to fix it. The “MacGuyver method” can be  entertaining at times, but fixing a tool with duct tape and string, only to realize you need to hold it at certain angle just to have it work half as good as it should be? Is total a misuse of time!

Here’s how Festool can save you time and money:
Let’s take the Festool vacuum sanders for example.
I personally was skeptical when I was told about how little dust (if any) is given off by their sanders during operation.

The first time I saw this video, I wondered if the sander was on when it was on the wall.
Then I witnessed it first hand.
I actually called it a “David Blaine” sander, because my eyes showed me something that I wasn’t sure I believed.

Benefits of interest to painting contractors:
– Some customers may have big concerns about dust in homes with children and pets. Having a dust-free (as dust free as possible using tools made by humans anyway!) option can mean all the difference to a client.
-Less time spent cleaning up dust means time saved
-Less time spent fixing a machine is time saved
-Having a machine that works the day you need it too, means time saved
-Accessories that fit and work, is time and money saved
-Time saved is labor saved.

In a profession where time is money, Festool is a great investment in efficiency, and makes it easier to consistently get good results.

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