Donald Kaufman Color

While the paint industry is now embracing the concept of full spectrum color, it’s been the hallmark of the Donald Kaufman Color collection for 25 years. As a retailer that carries several other high end brands and lines, I can say that the DKC line is something demonstrably different. The root of the differences is simple: I. M. Pei’s partner, James Freed says: “I’ll tell you exactly what makes him special. He starts from a different perspective. He starts as an artist.”
-James Freed, Architect.

Architectural color was a very natural extension of their body of work for both Don, and his wife and partner Taffy Dahl. When transitioning from fine arts to art in homes, they found paint offerings lacking; they then set out to create their own colors. The result was the Donald Kaufman Color full spectrum color line.  It’s interesting to note that when the DKC line was created, the newer paint lines now being labeled as full spectrum colors would not exist for another 20+ years.

I anticipate other brands coming out with colors bearing the full spectrum moniker in the future. I think having colors that shift under light (the minimum threshold) still have value for customers, as I believe in innovation and I like to see new ideas, as well as customers having as many choices as possible. However, as it stands now and for the foreseeable future: Only one brand’s colors were created with the utmost respect to spectral energy distribution, the original: The Donald Kaufman Color collection.

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