Expert’s Primer Choice for DKC

It’s common knowledge that the best painting results are obtained by using a good primer. However, the process for picking the right one for a given paint color or finish, and work surface can be a difficult task. Picking out specific products can be hard even for experienced painters at times. One of the things we do for even our most experienced contractors is help guide them through available product options, and that includes primers options. For most (not all) inexperienced homeowners who are still learning about different brands, it can be understandably confusing. It was once described to me by a customer in very simple terms: “It’s like mountain climbing for the first time, only without any instruction, or climbing gear!”  Most people don’t spend their time or want to spend their time pouring over MSDS sheets and sales literature to pick the right primer. It would also be very confusing for them to be given 50 choices in our primer section in our web store, and then expect them to pick the right one for their project. Those who see the need for a primer choose them because they want the best results, this is especially important when customers are investing in a top tier line like Donald Kaufman Color

The service: A very large percentage of our customers tell us, “I trust you to pick it for me, what do you recommend?”
We came up with a similar service option for our website: A primer choice option. Instead of asking the customer to choose, we do it for you.
We pick the right brand, the right product line, and the right color for each given situation. We are not a retailer that is “married” to one brand, we will give you the proper primer option for your situation, sometimes that means using a different brand’s product.

How we priced it: Instead of putting up different prices, varying per base, color, and product; it’s one price, a flat rate.

Here’s the option:

Picking the right primer can be a very difficult task. We know which primer product, color, and base combinations are the best matches for different DKC colors being applied to different surface materials. This service is a remedy for the headache of choosing the right primer for your job! All you have to do is order the desired number of gallons of this product for a flat price, and we will:
-Determine which primer product/base applies to your color
-This includes primers from Benjamin Moore, California Paints, and Pratt and Lambert.
-Determine which of these products is the best for application to the material in question.
-This is a flat rate price that applies to all the various combinations, and it includes the time taken on our end to determine these things for you.
– Ideally, you should be ordering this primer with an order of gallons of DKC paint.
– In the comments section on your order (this comes up during the order process), you tell us what material this primer needs to be applied to, the more detail the better.
– “Close enough” is not a suitable mantra for the color business; we will not guesstimate! If we need more information, we will contact you.

This option is currently available in gallons only. Please order an appropriate amount of primer for the job(s) in question. If you have questions, please call or email at: