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Cornhill No.128


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Cornhill No.128

“Paler than Wharf Sacking and found in tapestries of the Middle Ages. 
This aged, yellow-toned neutral paint gives a modern, muted and fresh look, especially when contrasted with white. This can give a fresh, citrus feel to a room, instantly brightening the space.”


NEW Products for 2024!

Products Available:

  • 250ml Marble Matt Emulsion Sample
  • 1L  Marble Matt Emulsion
  • 2.5L Marble Matt Emulsion
  • 1L Plant Based / Olive Stone Emulsion
  • 2.5L Plant Based / Olive Stone Emulsion
  • 1L Plant BasedWood & Metal Dead Matt
  • 2.5L Plant BasedWood & Metal Dead Matt
  • 1L Plant BasedWood & Metal Eggshell
  • 2.5L Plant BasedWood & Metal Eggshell
  • 1L Plant BasedWood & Metal Satin
  • 2.5L Plant BasedWood & Metal Satin
  • 1L Plant BasedWood & Metal Gloss
  • 2.5L Plant BasedWood & Metal Gloss

The Plant Based products are being phased in to replace the Wood and Metal product line.


In Store Only:

  • All 5L / 10L Sizes



Marble Matt:

Marble Matt Emulsion™ is a water-based paint that brings a touch of luxury to your interiors. Infused with real crushed Carrara marble, this breathable paint offers a unique texture and elegance to any room. 

Mylands signature paint is made using super fine ground marble powder for a natural but hard-wearing finish.

Rich in colour and beautifully flat, Marble Matt Emulsion is suitable for all interior walls and ceilings, including high traffic areas and can be re-touched, wiped, washed or even scrubbed with no effect on colour or sheen.


NEW Plant Based Olive Stone Emulsion:


“The exciting new Plant-Based ‘Olive Stone’ Emulsion is created using powdered olive stones – a by-product of the olive oil industry. This remarkable, sustainable innovation offers a natural depth of colour, resulting in a superior, wipeable paint.”
After our own internal testing of the product, we’re very pleased with it. We would describe olive stone emulsion as a true flat, as the colors retain their depth.

NEW Plant Based / Wood & Metal Products:

“Formerly known as wood and metal paints, with some higher biocarbon improvements. A beautiful multi-surface plant-based paint available in four classic, flawless finishes, Dead Matt (5% sheen), Eggshell (15% sheen), Satin (40% sheen) and Gloss (85% sheen), suitable for use on interior and exterior on a variety of surfaces including wood, MDF, metal, plastic, tile, masonry, plaster and uPVC.”

This product is being phased in to replace the Wood and Metal product line. Your paint may be labelled Wood & Metal or Plant Based. From a performance standpoint, the products are identical. If you have a preference, please call or email us about your order!


Square Footage Estimates:

Marble Matt Emulsion   1L : 162 ft²    2.5: 405 ft²
Plant Based Olive Stone Emulsion    1L: 162 ft²   2.5L: 405 ft²
Plant Based Dead Matt/Eggshell/Satin/Gloss   1L: 150.6ft²    2.5L : 376ft²

A Note on exact square footage estimates: Different applicators, techniques, and surfaces can effect the “thickness” of the paint being applied, and will naturally effect the coverage. The square footage estimates above are an average formulated for best accuracy across the different combinations possible.

Approximate Sheens:

Olive Stone Emulsion (2%)
Marble Matt (3%)

Plant Based Dead Matt (5%)

Plant Based Eggshell (15%)
Plant Based Satin (40%)
Plant Based Gloss (85%)


A Note on exact Gloss measurements and sheen levels: Sheen levels can and do vary somewhat depending on colors, bases, primers used, surface prep, number of coats, and application tools/techniques used. The sheen levels above are an average formulated for best accuracy across the different combinations possible.


Above: One coat of Olive Stone Emulsion under a gloss meter. The meter is reading the sheen level, 0%.


For more information on Mylands the brand, as well as their paint and finish options, see our Mylands page here


California customers: Prop65 information
Remember: This is a digital image, computer monitor settings vary and so do light sources in your home. Use color cards, samples, and your judgement!

Additional information

Weight .95 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
Mylands Finishes

250ml Sample Matt, 250ml Sample Matt, Marble Matt 1L, Marble Matt 2.5L, PB/ Olive Stone 1L, PB/ Olive Stone 2.5L, PB/W&M Dead Matt 1L, PB/W&M Dead Matt 2.5L, PB/W&M Eggshell 1L, PB/W&M Eggshell 2.5L, PB/W&M Satin 1L, PB/W&M Satin 2.5L, PB/W&M Gloss 1L, PB/W&M Gloss 2.5L, Floor Paint 2.5L


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