Farrow and Ball

In every industry, nearly every company will tout their quality in their marketing message. However, “those in the know” will know whose marketing message matches their operation, and who is selling colorfully wrapped mediocrity! Customers want to know: Are they paying for a quality product, or buying into a marketing campaign? Let me say with confidence, Farrow and Ball is the real deal; a company dedicated to quality above all.

This dedication is obvious at all levels of the business. For starters, their paint’s ingredients are top quality, nothing like the stuff you would see in a big box operation’s cans – which generally has (what is known in the industry as) fillers in it. Their factory operation is still located in the same small town in Dorset, England, (and has been so) for six decades now. Every gallon of Farrow and Ball is filled to exacting tolerances. Every mixture is held to very tight specifications from batch to batch; the same sheen, same color, the same fill level gallon to gallon. Swiss watches and German train stations have one thing in common: Neither are as efficient or exacting as Farrow and Ball’s factory! The very purpose of the in house operation “pre-mixed” gallon system is done for one reason: to have any gallon of F&B be the same, wherever it is opened, wherever it is purchased – anywhere in the world.

Now we at Eagle Paint pride ourselves on having a highly specialized operation with excellent color matching ability, and top tier quality control. I can neither confirm nor deny knowledge of the fact that we actually handle some manufacturing for other high end products in this industry! Being blunt and honest: The reality is, that by and large most other independent paint dealers do not have the same quality levels we do; not even close. Farrow and Ball thought ahead, and for their brand their solution is a simple one: Everything leaves the factory in Dorset in perfect condition, or it does not leave at all.

Every company has its challenges, and Farrow and Ball’s are not in making a quality product, not in consistently keeping up this quality, but getting it across an ocean and finally to dealers – in the most timely manner possible. In a recent meeting with Farrow and Ball executives, CEO Don Henshall stated, “We like hearing about challenges, that way we can get solutions.” I am of the opinion that an already very solid business that looks to continuously improve is a winner, that systematic self evaluation and self improvement is the mark of champions. Farrow and Ball has this policy institutionalized at every level. I was delighted to see that Farrow and Ball’s reputation is one that’s derived from a corporate ethos, set by the CEO and the executive team, and that it filters all the way down to the products destined for your home.

We invite you to browse online or walk into our store and take a look at what Farrow and Ball has to offer for your home!

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