Fine Paints of Europe

"FINE PAINTS OF EUROPE® is an American company that evolved out of my search for high quality paint to use on our family’s eighteenth-century home. Like many tourists traveling in Europe, I was struck by the depth of the colors and the beauty of the finishes seen on interior surfaces and painted facades throughout the Continent. When it came time to paint our home, I sought out finishes of “European” quality. My search led me to discover that such paints were not available from American suppliers.While researching the domestic market, I was disappointed to learn that performance standards no longer exist in today’s U.S. paint industry. As a result, manufacturers have chosen to compete on the basis of price rather than quality. Inexpensive extenders, fillers and water are used to formulate domestic finishes, replacing the pigments and oils that ensure intensity of color and longevity of finish. The traditional emphasis on paint’s beauty and durability was lost, only to be replaced by a short-sighted approach that emphasizes one coat coverage, and minimal preparation." -John Lahey, CEO and Founder Fine Paints of Europe

The NCS Collection

The NCS Collection