Michelle Winick Collection

BRINGING SIMPLICITY TO COLOR SELECTION. This collection of timeless, sophisticated colors is designed to give consumers a new way of looking at color with less confusion, and with a clear vision of the final result. The “Michelle Winick Color Collection” has neutral tones, earthy tones, and serene colors, along with warmer and accent colors. “They are all clean, fresh colors that work.” Each color has a coordinating trim & ceiling combination that has been designed to work with everyday environments, taking the guess work out of choosing these variables in a space. The “Michelle Winick Color Collection” has been created to work exclusively with Muralo’s Ultra Ceramic Waterborne interior finishes, the best in the market for over 17 years. Ultra Waterborne is scientifically designed to provide the most durable, elegant finish that will never yellow. Developed with micro fine particles, Ultra Waterborne provides a glass-like barrier to stains and impurities. To learn more about Muralo Paints, visit the Mural Paints website at

Fan Deck

Fan Deck